Saturday, December 19, 2009


OMG Special K Red Berries is my shit! It's the only other cereal I don't think is disgusting besides Kix with no milk.

Anyways I'm fucking up this bowl of cereal and thinking about shit. Like how I wanna buckle down and focus for next semester. I really just wanna start over completely and not look back. I need to make a routine though to do that because one of my worst habits is acting on impulse. If I don't have daily tasks I'll get so distracted from the shit that I'm really supposed to be doing.

I kinda wanna change my major but that's irrelevant right now.

I painted my nails yesterday and they're already chippy. FML.

Ok so there's supposed to be some big storm coming. I hope it doesn't get too crazy because I have to go to work like everyday until I leave. I hate the fact that we only have 5 people at my job and we get mega hours. I know it's gonna slow down after the season is over which ends in like 2 more wks anyways so I'm not gonna complain.

Jersey in 10 days! And something tells me it's not gonna be as exciting as I want it to be. It's just gonna be regular ass, rude NJ. None of my friends will probably be around, I'm not gonna have my car because I'm flying so that sucks and I feel like everybody's gonna be too busy to be able to do stuff. That's always how things like this end up going. You get all worked up and then you're like, "Oh." when you get there.

But hopefully it's not too bad. I really just wanna make sure I spend as much time with my family as possible. Not even out doing things, but just being in their presence again so I can re-remember the weird things about them like how they smell and their dimples and how tall they are etc. etc. Idk, if you've ever missed somebody that you loved so much you know this feeling.

I wanna puppyyyyyyyyy so bad.

I've just been thinking about so much lately. Like I said, this has been a breakthrough year. Things have been nuts this year for me; not all things were bad things either. But I still just wanna make a turn around for the better in the year to come. I won't be a "teenager" anymore and that to me makes me wanna put more effort into becoming more stable as I enter my adult years. One of my fears is being unachieved, being unachieved AND old?......

I like Snooki.
I hate Natalie.

& I have a love/hate thing with Nicki Minaj. Like wtf? She was fire on Higher Than A Kite, Million Dollar Baby was good (minus the Max B), I Gets Crazy is hot too. Then she had to get all Bratz doll on us. But Dopeman is kinda tight. (Sorry, I'm biased anything with Pusha is a go in my book.)

It's cold as fuck in this house. I'm bouta to turn the heat on full-ignorant-motherfucking-BLAST. (I like doing things to this specific extreme.)

Ok, that's all I wanted to say.

Wait, one more thing. I kinda miss NF. He had my interest.


Darling Nikky said...

i love ur randoms love! lol!
where do u work?
Im proud of you, working + school = overload
AND u find time to blog?!?!!
YOU are amazing lol!

Darling Nikky said...

oh! so u got the hookup on all the gd accessories huh?! lol tht where ur from?

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

don't get no puppy...

i just hate animals, don't listen to me. lol