Saturday, December 19, 2009

TMI Blog Award

I got an award everybody! I swear I love these shits.

Thanks, Reese and D.V.!

1. Post the award.
2. List 8 things a voyeur/peeping tom could potentially catch you doing if they were watching you.
3. Award to 8 bloggers.
4. Make sure they know you enjoy peeping through their windows.

8 Things a NASTY PERVERT would catch me doing:
I'd have to be really distracted to not notice he's looking in my room because my nosy ass is always looking out the window.

1. Throwing furniture, frantically searching for my wallet 2 minutes before I'm supposed to be out the door.

2. Sleeping hard as hell.

3. Dancing/singing and putting on makeup/smoking in my bathroom.

4. Masturbating, duh.

5. Trying to reach a shoe under my bed.

6. 8 Minute Abs.

7. Half naked looking through my closet.

8. Watching movies online, in my bed.

I'm tagging everybody!!! I'm not choosy.
(Comment if you do it plz. I wanna see!)

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princessvalecia said...

LOL Dammit I wanna do it right now....I'll do it after work though...on my new blog