Friday, December 18, 2009

bum nights.

I'm a little tossed right now. I just got back from this club called The Breakfast Club with my roommates and that shit was not how it was last wk. That shit is too hood for my liking. But like country hood though; Crime Mob - Nuck if you Buck hood. So my wack ass roommates wanna leave and come back home knowing it aint shit to do here either! Womp womp.

And now some fuckery is going on outside. The sprinklers in the next building over went off people are running out.. but it's not a fire. Smh. This apartment complex is so ghetto.

Whatever though. I'm done.

1 comment:

Darling Nikky said...

where do u live?
i wanna know so much abt u! lol!
ur funny as hell!
PROMISE im not like the stalker type lol!