Thursday, December 17, 2009

surveying 2009.

Got this from one of my fave blog tag teams: Tasteless Diamonds.
1]My favorite album was?
- "Fantasy Ride" - Ciara*

2]Most prized posession?
- My damn job. Niggas are broke out here.

3]Shit I gave up on...
- Trying to go natural. FAIL!

4] Something I fell in love with...
- Cookout.

5] A goal I accomplished was..
-Finding work that was related to my major.

6] Something I changed about myself...
-I lost like 10 pounds. Which may not seem like alot but it is because I'm only 5'3.

7] Favorite Movie-
-Harry Potter and whatever the fuck.

8] I've been wanting it all year...
-A puppy.

9] Historic event-
-I moved outta Jersey. >=[

10] BEST 2009 memory..
-The best memory to leave Jersey with: being stoned "Summer Youth Counselors" with my ace Vanessa. Unforgettable shit.

*I hope you know I'm kidding. I really hope you do.


Darling Nikky said...

lol! luhh ya girl for posting this on ur page! copy n paste it and put it in our comments & leave a link to ur page! Kapeesh?

A.R. said...

lmao @ that ciara shit, i just knew you were joking.

☆Reese said...

Ok see #1 you had to be joking, because Bow Wow had THE BEST album this year! Lmfao, couldn't even type that with a straight face!
Yay for #2 and boo for #9 *sniffle*

Gave yo ass an award on the blog, stop by and pick it up!

Darling Nikky said...

oook im just responding to wht u put on the page...have u seen Bad Girls club??
That girl Natalie is like u said hella EXTRA ans hella LOUD! ughhhh! irks me!

ThinkGoHard said...

Im feeling you on having a job. Thats a blessing. people is really struggling....