Tuesday, December 15, 2009

yes the fuck i am!

Lol guess what guys! I'm sitting in the library right now. I started smoking a little bit around 10om and that shit just had me thinking like, "WTF, Aliyah, are you really gonna be careless about another final?.... You got yourself into this situation.....Don't just give up on yourself...yadda yadddaa" (y,know all that motivational shit." So I decided to get the fuck up and start my day. I took a shower, got dressed, and decided to finish my shit in the library and get the fuck out of the bed tryna call myself "studying." Which in all actuality was me revisiting tumblr and sitting on facebook reading status'. So I got up and came bouncing in here like I'm on Addy! About to try to rip through this shit, still a little stoned, and with my ipod on full-ignorant-motherfucking-BLAST! No, I'm not disturbing anybody.

Shout out to:
Sam's Choice water (yeah, that high-end shit from Walmart.):

Fudge Shoppe 100 Calorie Grasshoppers:

The Clipse - Til the Casket Drops:

And that sticky-icky green (xoxoxo):

Outtie 5000.
(^ did I just type that?)


Anonymous said...

Told you all you needed was some bud, now look at you .. on top of shit, keep keepin' ya head up!

A.R. said...

lmfao, ughhhhh i love you.

Eury said...

lolol. look at you making the effort. good job

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

lmao..your ass about to go in take that test and mark all "C's" and shit.

Anonymous said...

New subscriber here! LOVE the blog!! The biggest challenge of smoking is to do everything else you gotta do (get it out the way) THEN chief! I duno I started doin that this year and it working out! Keep on pushin! :D


Darling Nikky said...

lmao! sippin on that high end shit!
aye girl! whats ur tumblr??
mine is: http://nikkyface.tumblr.com/

Look 4me!