Sunday, October 24, 2010

regarding music....

I miss watching my friends freestyle behind the bleachers during football games. Those were good times! I like football but I love rap so this brings me back to those glorious days in 9th grade having my mom drop me off @ WHS so we can get high and stand in huge crowds.

My boo is asking me to make him a CD and I'm at a loss because he's not too in tuned to the shit that I like. He doesn't know much Nas, he is not into underground at all, he thinks all Wu is old (as opposed to classic) and he doesn't know too many Kanye songs that weren't singles. Therefore I'm stuck shuffling through my music for an hr. trying to find songs that will be appropriate for his taste in music and I've only come up with 7 so far for this 80 minute CD..... and a majority of it is Wayne (whom he honestly feels is the best rapper.) How unfortunate?

Hip-hop right now is at an all time low. And although I personally do not feel as though I'm suffering, because all of the music is housed between my ipods and my computer, I am disappointed that my new rap downloads come in drips and drabs--maybe 1-2 songs/month. Music in general is still pretty decent. There are some great artists that are not rappers that I am newly interested in, but when I'm speeding down the highway or trying to get right that is not what I want to hear.

And while we're on the subject of music/mixtapes I honestly am dying without having my old radio in my new car. I haven't had a CD in years so having to actually use CDs now sucks.


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