Thursday, October 14, 2010

LED issue.

My computer is broke.

Why is weed still not legalized?

What if I dropped everything I'm doing and pursued another career. I wonder if I'd be prosperous.......hmmm............ I wonder about this all the time because I'm happy but I'm not doing my "dream job." I want to pursue a career in art or fashion or in the art of fashion but I don't honestly know if there's a title for what I want to do. Honestly I want to be a jack of all trades in all things related to fashion, merchandising, makeup and.... no not hair I hate touching other people's hair. But honestly what girl doesn't want to do that? I feel like all girls want to play dress up all day and call that a career which is why I'm not to enthused about veering off of the path that I'm on now. I also want to write a book which I can very well do while I am in school now. I was in the process of writing one but that was short lived because I am very uninspired by where I am in life right now. Although I will say that things are going well for me, there is nothing happening that IMO would be "book worthy." I feel like I should be happy that things are as such because things can only go 2 ways, better or worse, and it looks to be at about 40/60.

I got word that my great grandpa is doing much worse as far as his health and it scares me. Not only does it worry me about his health but the subsequent followup of my bedridden great grandmother dying almost immediately after has been predicted and is very likely. She has been tube fed, diapered and medicated for the past 4+ years and I feel as though her strong will is only holding for my great grandfather who was in his healthier days until about this time last year. He has been diagnosed with liver, lung and...prostate(?) cancer and because of his condition now has insisted on refusing chemo. Also, because of his cancer it is now painful for him to eat so he is starved as well. My poor grandpa, I pray that he gets better but at this point it's only a matter of time before he dies. Boo tells me not to talk like that because "it's in God's hands" but I honestly do not want him to suffer, which he is. I love him :'(

Boo met my mom last wknd which I was none too eager about. Not that I didn't want them to meet but I felt like it was too early for my liking. I obliged because my mom kept kinda pressuring me about it and I was tired of hearing her mouth and I wanted her to cook me dinner so I just said yes. They both liked each other.... so whatever.

And again I ask, why is weed still not legalilzed?


princessvalecia said...

maybe you should move to the land of legal weed...Cali

adina renée. said...

yeah, weed should be legal, lol.