Friday, December 25, 2009

half-ass christmas.

I stayed over my mommy's house lastnight after I got home from work so we could do Christmas morning like we usually do. I got her 2 stupid little things because I'm broke: a Zippo lighter (she smokes weed, and I hate seeing grown women with cheap gas station lighters) and these boots that I got for myself that she loved, I got her a pair.

She got me a new printer. I'm always fussing with my shit even though its CLEARLY broke and I refuse to buy a new one. So she did it for me. Also a bottle of Cruzan, a few hundred bucks so I can have young mulah baby when I'm get to Jersey in 4 days, a new robe, some Bobbi Brown lipglosses, and errrumm... I think that's it.

We spoke with my fam.
We watched movies.
We napped. (I slept in and out the whole day because today's the first day I got to sleep past 8 and haven't had to work a 5+ hr shift.)

And that was it. I slept so much, off and on, today that I actually thought it had gone into the next day and Christmas was yesterday.

I didn't get to eat anything involving my grandma's gravy since before August. I'm FUCKING PISSED! All I ate today was 5 chicken wings and 2 of those appetizer sized spinach quiches.
Now you tell me, what kinda fucking Christmas is this?

I am too through with this living in North Carolina bullshit.

*sparks up*

You wouldn't believe how many times I open a different tab of my page and listen to a song loop over and overr and overrr.... espesh when I'm high. It's fucking great!


[Alex]. said...

i'm doin that shit riiiight nooooow...bone thugs and tupac

khaki said...

LOL po baby wanted some gravy. christmas just aint the same when youre over 18. no more giga pets and shit like that lol