Saturday, December 26, 2009

no titles here, bud!

So I'm getting high in my bathroom and blasting my ipod (story of my life) and I start dancing to Amy Winehouse - Back to Black really hard, like embarrassingly hard, and I just heard a loud ass beep out of nowhere!

My paranoid ass goes and turns the music off and closes my bathroom door. Then I start thinking the alarms are gonna go off and the sprinklers are gonna come on in this building like they did the other day in the other building. :-O

Now I'm thinking about how I want a milkshake. Rly baddddd! From Cookout or Sonic! Ugh.

I did like 25 ear piercings today. No lie! They were just back to back to back. A million and one moms decided it'd be a great Christmas present this year. FML!

But at least it made my shift go by faster. Then I went SHOPPING!!! Well really, not really. I only bought 2 things.

I want water or ice cream! I get the worst sweet cravings sometimes...

Ok, I'm rambling. Bye.


Dub said...

I love that you are having CookOut cravings, haha. Tha's the lick! People don't understand how good it is when I tell 'em about it.

SNEAkUHbUTT. said...

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHA. Geez. I wonder how you are when you're drunk. Lol.

A.R. said...

i love you too, aliyah. <3

lalaliybean said...

when i'm drunk i'm beligerent, i think outloud, and i get to yapping at the mouth, tryna stir up trouble and shit. lmfao it's a fucking tragic mess. but it's fun so i get's my swerve on with the henny and ginger ale every now and then. yup.

Anonymous said...

LOL you wild! :D

Mista Jaycee said...

Happy New Year in advance!
U have gotz to lay off the weed! LOL!