Saturday, November 28, 2009


My ass SWORE I was not going back into retail but unfortunately, with the minimal jobs available now, all the office assistant jobs are full-time or don't work with my hours and the childcare jobs require certification.


Black Friday was fucking hell. I worked 8 hours and the soles of my feet hurt. I am realizing again how much I hate people and the stupid questions they ask, their carelessness about dropping shit that they REALLY JUST saw me pick up, unruly, undisciplined kids. On top of that I work in a little girls store that some men apparently think is "gay" to walk into so only girls and women walk in leaving me without eye-candy to gawk at.

I drank someone's redbull out of the fridge yesterday after I woke up @ 9:12am because my fucked up blackberry's alarm didn't ring. I don't know if it was my redbull or not (and yall know I do not give one fuck if it wasn't) but I needed it. I flew in and out of the shower, and was swerving in and out of lanes trying to get to work on time @10 because the last thing I need is for "the man" to take me down and leave my ass employed a month before xmas.

Some dude from Haagen Dazs asked for my number. Normally I don't give my number, I'll take the guy's, but I wanted to see if he would be bold enough to take his phone out with his manager right there. Then nigga told me not to make fun of his phone...*rolls eyes*. I just laughed. He pulled out this shit (or something like it):

..which just pissed me off for the remainder of our conversation. I like to think I'm not THATTT superficial but Cricket (the MetroPCS of NC) is not going to cut it. Not now, not never!

Today our DM came in and I just hate having to look fake busy at all times.

I pierced my managers ear today because some little girl was crying about getting her ear pierced and my manager asked her if I pierced her ear would she get her ears pierced and she said yes. (Mind you, I have never pierced an ear in my life.) It was cute and all but my manager was clearly doing the most for that earring sale.

Then I left an hour early because my back hurt. I felt kinda bad though because the lady who has the same position as me got me by like 10-20 years and she walks with a limp, she was there before me and was supposed to leave the same time as me but when my manager asked me if I wanted to go I was fucking GHOST! Sry, Lori. *shrug*

I don't hate Christmas music but if I hear that Ashanti - Hey Santa song one more time I'm going to fucking off myself.

I came to work high one morning this week too and I don't think I'll be doing that again. Aside from the obvious reasons why I shouldn't, I was just dazed and confused for a good hour.

Anyways, I really shouldn't be complaining because some people don't have a job. But I bet if they did they'd be complaining about it too.

In conclusion, the first oz of weed I buy with my paycheck will be rewarding! :) YIPPEE!!!


Camille said...

Thank you for reminding me why I will NEVER EVER work in the mall AGAIN! I felt your pain all the way! LOL!

A.R. said...

lol, i know you were worn out from all that work, but you'll enjoy your time when you spark up that much more.

Eury said...

lol@ the guy with the wack phone, he really shoulda just wrote it down on paper...

yea, sorry about the mayhem at work, just think of the end product...

Oh and its only smart to go into work high when its a fun job, like cold stones, not that I would know.... lol

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

wow...good luck with that. my friend told me she had to be at work at 5am for black friday.

don't know how yall do that shit. it's not so much the hours that i couldn't do, it's dealing with ppl. i wouldn't be able to make it through the day without fight.

The Lifestyle said...

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