Friday, October 9, 2009

hurr did + good news.

I'm deciding to do something that I've never done before and stop perming my hair for a while.

I'm not going completely natural because I don't really like my hair when it's not straight. I mean, it's ok but it's not really manageable and it gets dry really quick and I don't like throwing mad oil and shit in my hair because I have oily skin and... blah blah blahh.

I really just want my hair to get strong and thick. It doesn't really break much but I want NO breakage and I want it to get alot thicker and at some point I'm gonna try to go natural but right now I'm not really feeling it. Eventually though, I want to have long, natural hair (maybe in 10 yrs) and I want to know what to do with natural hair because I don't want my daughter to get perms.

Right now (un-straightened and wet) my hair is like an inch and 1/2 past my shoulders in the back but it's layered, so it goes from shoulder, to neck, then chin and then I have angled bangs in the front.

My steps toward my eventual long and natural hair will be to stretching my perms out for 6 months at a time and trying to use minimal heat (I don't really use alot of heat on my hair though. I blow dry maybe 3x a month and flat iron maybe 4x.) I don't really know how this is gonna work so I'll definitely update and let you know if I couldn't tough it out but I'm really gonna try.

In 2 days it will have already been a month and my new growth is veryyy wilder beast right now but I'm gonna try to find some stuff to do with my hair without putting weave in it because.. I'm "ehh" about weaves.

But like I said I'll keep you posted and let you know how this thing goes.

Also I have been really slacking with my school work. But as of this wknd I am gonna be back on my grind. For like the past 2 wks I was being real shitty with my determination and just plain out lazy and that is just not going to cut it. I really need to prove to myself, and everyone else that I'm not just going to be a mediocre C student for my whole college career.

GOOD NEWS! Mommy is planning to move back to Jersey Jerzzz soon! I am so happy! Like moonwalk across the fucking kitchen happy. She told me that Charlotte really isn't what it was projected to be, economically and that the market here for... pretty much everything is cheeks. So, as soon as I get certified (maybe another yr and a half) I'll be packing up the trunk and hauling my shit back to the state that I love - New Jersey, bitch! :]

Keep it juicy.


Marie said...

Yeaaaaaa. Definitely keep us updated about the whole hair thing cuz im still tryna figure out what im gonna do with mine so hopefully what you gotta say can help me decide. & three cheers for you cuz we know how much you love Jersey. Congratz on that mama & as far as the classwork goes, girl get on that. That education is not free.

yours truly said...

good luck with the hair thing. i had my own up and down moments trying to figure out which path to take. but the break is a good start to helping you re-group and start fresh later on.

A.R. said...

ugh, i wanna move back to nj after i graduate, but the cost of living is so much lower in the south so i don't know what i'm going to do.