Friday, September 11, 2009

get gully.

I hate to say I told ya' so but I knew this was gonna happen:

So my roommate and I almost fought yesterday. We had just left the club where her nagging ass was complaining the whole time about how bored she was and yadda yadda. I actually felt bad because, at one point, she even went outside to sit by herself while me and my other roommate danced but I guess she feels a little insecure because at 6'4" she stands out towers over most dudes.

BUT ANYWAYS, We get in the car and I'm like "Well did you dance in high school?" and she's like "We usually would just dance in a circle." So I'm like hmmm... "Like old people?" Yeah it was a little joke but it wasn't that serious. Then she goes on about how her grandma practically raised her and she "grew up with morals and values she she doesn't grind on dudes."

And I'm thinking to myself like... THE FUCK SHE TRYNA SAY, I DON'T HAVE MORALS?

So I keep my cool and bypass the insinuation, all the while, try to ration with her and tell her that most grandmas would say that kind of dancing is inappropriate because of the generational difference.

SO (here goes the drama) she goes on to say that:
  • I always have something to say about somebody/something.
  • I speak to people too aggressively.
  • I am "a fucking bully."
  • I think I can talk to anybody how I want because I'm from Jersey.
  • I am "a disrespectful ass bitch."
  • I am mean as hell.
  • I need to humble myself.


OK... now.... *deep breath*.......

When I say it took EVERY OUNCE OF MY ENTIRE fucking inner-being not to haul off and punch this bitch in the back of her head, I MEAN THAT SHIT.

Calling me out of my name alone is means for a curb stomp but shorty really tried to go in on me.

Mind you she is in my face all day everyday asking me what I'm doing or asking me why I say certain words the way that I do, trying to mimic the way I talk, doing little bothersome shit that like... little sisters do to their big sisters. (I can't think of a better description.)

AND we had a fucking house meeting last wk on some bullshit yet I was basically the only one who spoke about my issues.

I told them then, "If you have a problem with anything that I do you need to open your mouths because problems won't get solved if you don't say anything," and I told them, "be real with me because I don't respect people who don't keep it 100."

I also don't understand how the fuck a grown ass woman, who's 6'4 can feel bullied by an equally grown woman who is 5'3. That shit is ironic as hell and it just don't make sense.
As far as me speaking aggressively, it may be my dialect or accent or whatever or the cultural differences but I really don't know what the fuck she's talking about. Nor do I plan on finding out because I've been who I am since May 16, 1990 and will not be changing who I am 19 yrs later for one lonely soul. And that Jersey statement just made her sound like a pussy.

Last but not least.
These are the only conditions under which I would need to humble myself:
1. When speaking to my mother; she birthed me.
2. When speaking to an elder; it is respectful.
3. (To an extent) In situations with my man; dick is a powerful thing.
4. When speaking to my boss; he writes the check.

Any situation other than the above do not call for me to "humble myself" because motherfucker I'm grown.

And so I went off on her something ill because... bitch, who the fuck you think you are? And it didn't stop until we got home. We argued, threw the b-word around and shit until we got home. My other poor roommate didn't even say a word. And also she basically asked if I was moving out or she and I told her "I'm not going no where."

So idk what's gonna happen now but shit, all is said and done. I really think she has some sort of underlying issue with who I am and my personality and it all just came out but shit I never change. If I changed myself to accommodate those who had a problem with who I am, I would never know the real me.

And I am also very proud of myself because I truly feel like I am growing into an adult. Had this confrontation happened 2 yrs ago I would've been on the shoulder of the highway fighting like she hurt my mother (that's the thought that used to get me hype in my head back in school).

I'll keep yous updated on everything.

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