Saturday, August 15, 2009


A couple of my little past flings decided to band together and call me today. NO, it wasn't like some mass 3-way call. It's just that I got some random calls/txts today and it was just funny that dudes picked August 14, 2009 to call me. Mind you, I haven't spoken to these guys in at least a month.

That shit really blew mines.

In other news, I move into the apartment tmrw. I'm excited but I'm not gonna stay there for like the 1st 4/5 days because I have to help my mom move out of Bruce's house.

Coming to America has been on Bravo all night long and for some reason I found myself watching it 2x.

And so, apparently X is mad that I stopped calling him. He really turned me off with that whole Kawanna stunt that night. And it's crazy cuz I was really feeling him and everything was dope because we've known eachother since we were 14 and we had alot of commonalities, but the fact that he was constantly involved in some trouble REALLY turned me off. Like oftentimes he'd be like, "Oh yeah that's right! We DID go to that party! Damn, sorry I was too fucked up." That shit is just, EW! Fucking turn off man.

But he SAYSSS that he is working his ass of at Verizon and he realizes he was doing dumb shit. I'm glad he realized that but he's kind of a day late and a dollar short. He's still in Jersey and I'm in I hate NC. Sooo.... *shrugs* But he's also saying he's gonna start calling me everyday and although I protested profusely he's all "We need to reestablish our friendship."

I guess we'll see what happens, not just with X but with everything: school, finding a job, being the new kid again, the apartment etc.

I'll keep you posted.

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