Thursday, August 13, 2009


Maybe I'm growing out of the whole blogging thing, though. I mean, how many times can I see pics of Amber Rose in Complex mag, videos of Joe Budden and other trivial bullshit?

Cuz really, I don't give a fuck about 90% of the shit I see. Aside from the fact that I never really give a fuck about anything that doesn't have anything to do with me and mines, I can see through alot of people and it's just UGLY.

Hmm.. idk. I'm giving myself 10 days to decide whether I wanna be part of "social networking" sites or whether I just want to only focus on the people and things that are directly in front of me. People that I can physically see and touch; people that can't hide behind the good pictures that they weeded out of the batch of webcam pictures that they took; people that I don't feel like the world ends when a celebrity does something different to their hair; people that can't put up this facade of leading a lifestyle that doesn't even exist.

I see some of these characters on the internet re-creating their fucking lives. Trying to impress people that they'll never see. Some people that I know, in person, like... NIGGA, I KNOW YOU! YOU ARE NOT THAT! Some folks fronting for people that don't even live in the same state as them and probably don't even know what their real name is because they only know them by their internet names.

Eh.. it's getting kind of sickening. Real talk, I'm not gonna sit on my computer and type shit that sounds good for yall. Everybody is trying too fucking hard. The internet is looking corny right about now.


Kim said...

This is the realest shit I've read in a min. I totally agree with you on this. The social networking sites have too typical. Especially here on Blogspot. Myself am tired of seeing the same ole celebrity gossip bullcrap on each and every person's blog. That's why if I see that a person is all about celebs and not about real issues...personal issues I won't be following them.
You make a good point and if anything you can stick to your blog because I like it. Nothing is sugar coated and I respect that.

[Alex]. said...

trueness. i've kinda fallen off on my blog too, though i never consider stopping it altogether. i really do wish you'd keep your blog up though, because i do enjoy reading it. i mean, at least a blog every week or two? please?

WV: prestra (lol, it's like "presto" in spanish or something)

D.V. said...

yeah i mean how many people can break news... newsflash you NEVER WILL! chances are they just get it from mediatakeout or something... i recently shortened the amounts of blogs im reading cuz some of them became celeblogs.... Im diggin your blog though