Thursday, August 13, 2009

hi, everybody.

life's good. i haven't smoked in.... 3 days and even though I've been very irate, I've been getting ALOT of shit done.

being productive > facing L's and falling asleep watching a George Lopez marathon.

I have madddd videos that were intended for blogger that I'll prob never post because they're old and irrelevant now. -shrugs

here's a series of random non-straightened hair pictures of myself -__- :


EDIT: about the song on the page, i'm not NOT over anybody. cuz i'm just heartless and insensitive. i just really like it so..... yeahhh..

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Anonymous said...


p.s. no disrespect i'm breezing through the net came cross your blog seen this and got blown away lol..really pretty girl you are,not bad for a young'n,if you were fo' five years older yeah you'd be top of the line in my book lmao.