Sunday, May 3, 2009

random shit at 3am.

Why I do the things I do, I'll never know.

I get a call from X last night at 3am saying he's FUCKED UP, his phones about to die, and he could only call 1 person before his phone died and he NEEDS me to come to Pway. (And I stress the word NEED because I specifically asked did he NEED me to come). I wasnt sleep, I was laying in bed about 20 min after taking a shower.

45 minutes and a quarter tank of gas later, I'm in Piscataway meeting him at his FRIENDS house!

I'm like uhhh... WTF?! I thought u said u NEEDED me to come. This doesn't look like a NEED situation. YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MOTHERFUCKER TELLS ME......?!
"I was drunk and lonely, I really wanted to see you!"

Ohh..ok.. so that explains the fuckin drive up the parkway AND 78 AND 22? Mmm... NAHH!
I have a 1 "Bogus Favor" Limit with folks and this definitely qualifies as 2.

So I'm sitting at his nigga Kawanna's house, and they're rolling up so (despite me saying I was quitting) I smoked. And then I wanna leave and he tells me that Kawanna turned the alarm on and this nigga is KNOCKED OUT! We could not wake him up. I'm like "Why's he sleeping so hard?!" Then X tells me that he had like 6 beers, a fucking XANAX!, and 4 blunts. WHY DO MADDD PEOPLE POP PILLS NOW?! That shit is random as hell and it's fuckin scary! So now I'm stuck there. At that point I just said fuck it so we cuddle up & go to sleep. I will say that I was high as hell so I wasn't even that mad because I feel like I would've been too tired to drive all the way back to school @ 5AM.

So I leave @ 7:30 fly back on the parkway and get back to school @ 8 on the dot.

Pshh.. whatever, moral of the story is: I'M NOT DOING SHIT FOR ANYONE ANYMORE.
Especially niggas!



simone_dior said...

imma need Kawanna to go head on and get into rehab!! wtf yo!!!

lalaliybean said...

lmfao.. forreal this nigga is nuts!