Sunday, May 3, 2009

bored + procrastination = VLOG.

UGH! Anybody wanna help me discuss 'The Effects of Western television (media) on Chinese Pop Culture'?


[Alex]. said...

lol, i had to do a paper similar to that. it was an analyzation of american hip-hop's influence on the japanese. it was due on a monday and i didn't do it until like, 6am...STILL PASSED THAT BITCH!!! just sayin...

o, and ur next video should totally be about me, or have a shout-out to me, something to promote the general welfare of my ego.

which reminds me...Ego remix with yeezy! i forgot about it, now i'm back on it. yeezy's ya dude so i know you're already on it, but i forgot.

"i got a big ego...hahaha. so stroke my big, hahaha...ego"

o and yes, i am high off of my ASS. unless you couldn't tell...then i'm totally sober.

WAKAPANYA!!! LMAO best word verification ever. i'm lookin that up on wiki...

lalaliybean said...

wanna know the CRAZIESTTT SHIT?! i was looking for it on mixpod because I just put new songs up... but i couldn't find it. and I was wayyyy to lazy to find it on my comp and upload it. but i just might do it now.

& i gotchu next vlog.

[Alex]. said...

[werd]. i gotta add that one and Hater, by The-Dream. the credit for discovery of that dope-as-FUCK song lies solely with you cuz i thought i had the whole album. best buy only had the basic shit apparently.

hm, i gotta put some of that Asher Roth on there too. Lion's Roar is like the dopest track he's ever dropped i swear.