Tuesday, June 30, 2009

unsigned hype.

I realllyyyy don't understand all the opinionated blog posts around the BET awards, the twits, the tumblr posts, all that. really it is 2 days later and people are still creating blogs about it and it's really not a big deal. Like, at all. No one here is famous so... what do their measly opinions matter to those who are?

Anyways, I signed my lease on my apartment yesterday. I'm gonna have 2 other roommates (so far) and it's less than a half-mile walk away from UNC's campus. I refuse to pay that fucking $385 parking fee when I can get free parking in the complex and I can get some (light) exercise in daily. It's funny because when I was telling my mom that I'm not driving to school everyday she's like "Well what about in the colder months?" LMFAO!!! I laughed in her face, North Carolina has no "colder months" compared to Jersey weather so she's trippin. Like I said, I WILL NOT BE PAYING FOR PARKING.

I can't wait to go back to Jersey for the remainder of the summer though. I have alot of plans:
  • Spending the 4th of July with my cousins (and maybe my bestfriend) smoking and then going to see fireworks.
  • Having dinner with my ex-longterm boyfriend that I miss so much. (We're just really not compatable.)
  • Chilling with the 2 throwback dudes that I'm kindaaaa talking to. We went to hs together and they both hit me up recently trying to spend some time. Why not? I can let loose for my last month home.
  • Seeing my booski, Adina, who's coming home for a jersey reunion tour lol.
  • Stacking chips so I can get a new car by March.
  • Blowing down until I pass out.
This should be a fun few weeks before I come down here to NC and bore myself to pieces in school. The only bad thing is waking up @ 5/6am every weekday. And if you know me, you know mornings are not my fucking friend AT ALLLL!

But that's about it I guess. Shit's cool besides that.

The end.

I hate that I'm still single.

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s a s h a said...

...i hate it too