Thursday, June 25, 2009

vlog + much more

I know I said I was going to post a vlog forever ago but I am kinda neglecting blogger =[ But here it is anyways! YAYYYY!!! In this vlog: shouts to my new followers + updates and some other bullsheittt. Also I'd like to forewarn you that I look a hot mess in this one because I just came from running and it's almost bedtime. But who cares? I'm probably gonna post another vlog in a few once I think about a topic. If you have any topic suggestions leave a comment or something... idk.


EDIT: like 2 whole minutes are cut out of my video! where i was naming all my new followers. i'm sorry idk what happened but i just wanted to say that. ^_^


[Alex]. said...

fuck Tumblr, go ME!!

lol, you reminded me of the Don't Say 'Uh' Contest they used to have on V-103 down, no cash prize for you!

WV: "bouslyce" made me laugh cuz that's what my friend used to call her male jump-offs: boo-slices.

A.R. said...

how cuteeee, and tumblr is a lot easier, i like it a little better too.