Sunday, June 21, 2009

just so ya know...

I'll def. be returning to blogger as my main. Tumblr is fucking annoying really. I feel like everybody on that site is starrrvingggg for attention hoping for reblogs. And it's annoying to see corny ass people e-dick suck.

Basically, everything that I care/talk about on there (music, clothes, hot bitches, weed, shoes, random shit) can be talked about on here except I can really appreciate the people that I follow on here and I don't have to see bullshit conversations via reblog on my dash in the mean time.

So, *everybody with me now* "WELCOME BACK ALIYAHHH!"
-lmfao @ me almost spelling my own name wrong.


A.R. said...

lol, this whole post made me laugh from a healthy place.

lalaliybean said...

don't you see that shit though?! it's a trend. that tumblarity shit can either make people slit their wrists or have and exploding orgasm. it makes me sick.

[Alex]. said...

i made a tumblr account, uploaded a picture, and haven't been back since. lol, i caught onto the annoying-ness quicker i guess. but, WELCOME BACK ALIYAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! (extra H's for emphasis)

still waiting on that vlog, btw.

WV: ingsh (i thought it said 'ingish' which would've been amusing. now i'm disappointed in the missing 'i'.)

Eighty4 said...

im glad u said that,because i was so gonna start a tumblr,lol

chavita!!! said...

You mke me proud to never have conformed to tumblr


Ps often times when couples start having sex too much haha JK

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