Thursday, July 16, 2009

back to basics.

I've been on super hiatus when it comes to blogger. But it's whatever. I'm not gonna make any excuses because I've actually been doing alot of day-to-day shit that is necessary right now.

Waking up btwn 5:30-6:30 am is a BEEEEIIITCHHHHH! I fucking hate mornings with all of my heart so this is the worst for me. Luckily I only have to do this for 2 more weeks then it's all over. I tried to look for a job on craigslist, this lady's looking for a nanny to sit her mother because she's old and lonely but something about her emails make her seem like she's not legit. I don't know maybe it's the fact that she claims she works on Wall Street, yet she types like she's in 5th grade. Her story is inconsistent and I've given her my number more than once and she insists on ONLY emailing me back and not giving me much details. Now that I'm talking about it even more, it's starting to creep me out too so I definitely think that's a no-go.

I've been working for two weeks already and we don't even get paid until next Friday. Which supremely blows because it feels like I'm not working for anything when I'm not seeing the checks. I'm scraping for fucking gas money because I do like a 20-25 mile drive every weekday to get to work and it's eating my gas UP! >=[

** I can't deal with all the people that are stuntin' these days. Although I'm tired of hearing about the recession, everybody is fucking broke and I'm tired of hearing about people claiming they got this and that and are doing this and that and really they aint doing shit but kicking back at their crib because they can't afford to go out just like everybody else. That shit makes me fucking sick man, I sware!

I got some new nail polish today!!! I got the Coconut Crush one, which comes out a frosty platinum color with glitter undertones. I'm not really feeling the color but the polish REALLY does smell so delish! I wanna get the papaya and blueberry one because those colors are actually very cute. I didn't think it was really gonna smell good and I thought they were just gassin it but it really does smell soooo yummy! Only downfall is that I don't think you can put a topcoat on because then it's probably not gonna have the same smell.

I'm running the RED light this week and I am an uberbitch. So stay on my good side folks ;]

My grandparents are having the bathroom renovated. They're knocking out the wall that connected the bathroom and the small bedroom next to it and adding a jacuzzi bath and a bunch of other shit. I cant wait to take a bath in there!!! It's gonna be so purty.

Anyways, for this to be a comeback post, I'm really rambling.



A.R. said...

scented nail polish? hm, interesting. & i'm sorry i didn't get in touch with you while i was nj, i had some drama.

Max Gibson said...

You've got a great blog here. You do a great job of relating your thoughts and interests while also covering popular culture. I need my girlfriend to get this nail polish. Keep up the great work.

Max Gibson

s a s h a said...

scented nail polish... i hate the smell of acrylic so this might werk owt!

...good luck with that paycheck though...i say splurge it!

...but thats just me :\

s a s h a said...

pleasssseee come back to your blog!!!!,,,,

i feel so alonely :( n when you do...ill have some post ready..maybe..
nah im lying just come on back now ya hear!!!

*sidenote...ya song homie