Tuesday, August 4, 2009

she's baaaack.

I am back by request. Sasha really made me feel missed out here. I lost a follower, I don't know if they deleted their blogspot or just stopped following me, but it's all gravy.

The tumblr stint was good for a cool minute but people started getting really fugazee on there like the posts were getting less and less original, more and more copy cat. And people were breaking their spines for attention. So, "OH WELLLL, OH WELLLL!" [/miss jones]

This summer has not been the best but I guess I'm gonna look on the bright side of things and be happy that nothing went terribly wrong. My job screwed half the staff over with payroll and I have yet to recieve a check. (Mind you work started on July 6th and ended on the 31st.) And yet I still sit here check-less. They act like niggas don't have rent and shit to pay.

I leave Jersey on Monday and I move into the apartment on the 15th. I'm excited but this semester is gonna be a life changing one. Ideally I wanna get my grades together, get my GPA up and pledge by spring semester. 2 of my girls are trying to do the same thing so we're all gonna keep eachother focused as best we can. But, in order for me to fulfill all of this I have to STOP SMOKING WEED!

It's not gonna be so hard in the beginning because I don't know anybody down there so I won't know who sells or whatever. But once I find out it's gonna be hard for me to not sucumb to the temptation. I heard that they got some dirt in NC anyways so maybe I'll just wait until I take my next trip back up to Jersey and get an ounce. Because I can't even fathom the last time I bought a dime or dub. I've been fucking with good weight since April and I realize how much buying small shit is a waste of $$.

Also, I changed my major so I have to get alot more serious too. My major now is pre-education so I have to change alot of shit up now.

But basically, that's about it with the update. I'm happy to be back on blogspot because it's a little more intimate over here. I sincerely like the posts of those that I follow and vice versa and that's really all that matters.



Anonymous said...

glad to see ur back...

what school in nc u going to?

A.R. said...

i wonder what you wanna pledge & good luck with your grades honey.

Ms. T said...

I hear that they may legalize weed. I wanted to mention that to you because you said you need to stop smoking weed.

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Ms T

[Alex]. said...


s a s h a said...

For so e reason i dont want em to.. The thrill of it being illegal.. Plus theres goin be that dickhead to fuck it up for everyone.. Or the shit goin have nicotine or some shit .. Glad u bac n tuanks for the shoutout luv only necessary chu dig lol