Monday, July 26, 2010

truth is.

No one likes to hear the truth these days. I don't understand what's the big fucking deal. I know everybody wants to think they're the shit all the damn time but at the end of the day you have to go home and face your own insecurities.

I like to surround myself with honest people who will tell me the truth. What's the point in having people in your life if they cant be honest with you? It's wack to be on your high horse all the fucking time like, 'damn you can take a step off the saddle sir/madam?!'

Having confidence, knowledge of self and REALISM that allows you to take heed to opinions about yourself and being able to translate it to a positive message so you can keep it moving.

Its a sad day in age when people are frauding (especially on the internet) and trying to be something that they're not because they're scared of the truth.

The truth exists. Some people will end up with a miserable life trying to hide from truths that are always chasing them and staring them dead in the face.

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