Sunday, June 13, 2010

do right and kill everything.

Drake is rly starting to get on my nerves with this Lil Kim shit. At first I brushed it off but I started thinking... really bruh, you have no street cred so fall back.

On the plus side, Miss Me is my shit and when I'm driving home from work you can catch me singing right along, BA-LEE DAT!

My one and only came over last night. I have not seen cakes since like May 25 so I was sooo happy. WE DID NOT FUCK. HE WILL NOT BE GETTING ANY UNTIL ALOT OF SHIT CHANGES. Which means I will be fucking with Dixie (my vib) for a good minute. Honestly I'm not off fucking with all, or any of these new dudes that have been pushing up. Although I love sex, I love my healthy kitty-cat even more so...
1. No, muthafuckin-bona, you will not be fine dining @ my expense.

2. No, P, no need in even taking that drive down here from Greensboro because you aint getting none!

3. No, Ant, the grill connect is all I'm interested in, you can move it right along after my teeth get fitted.

And so on...

I will still allow niggas to take me out to dinner though. That is always A Go.

I have not had more than 5 hrs of sleep in the last week and that shit is really starting to catch up to me; my body has been ache-y and I have no energy throughout the day.

With that being said, I have to wake up before the birds tmrw and my bath is waiting for me. Later!


VonDign said...

lala juggling balls while staying clean n tru...i diggs mama lol

big booty judy. said...

lmao, who the fuck ask bitches can they eat their pussy out anymore?
good lord.

Tiffany said...

You make yourself look bad sometimes

lalaliybean said...

tiffany, dear, i'm not even gonna ask you why you say that because i am honestly the least bit concerned with negative opinions on how i "look" on MY OWN shit that i've given outsiders the privilege of accessing.

i don't make myself look bad or good, i make myself LOOK LIKE ME! you should be appreciative that i'm even doing that much with how fake people are on the net. i'm not one of those people to get online and use smoke and mirrors, this is my REAL life and thoughts. i'm keeping it 1000! i may make myself look bad TO YOU but since it's always about me and mines (and always has been), what you think (be it negative or positive) doesn't really matter in the end, now does it?

thanks for visiting! i'll continue to do me.

lalaliybean said...
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E-Rich said...

@big booty judy

You'd be surprised. All of these dudes that are out in the street pretending that they pimping and super cool and shit are usually lames. They the main ones talking about switching chicks every week, but they sending checks shit when they alone about eating pussy and licking ass and all that. My female friends have surprised me with some of the shit niggas say to see a vagina.

Kimone said...


omg you are so right. . .some of the lamest dudes will say ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING DAMN THING to see inner folds of a vagina. . .smh. . .it's sad when you think about it cause obviously having no time is not an issue here

Tiffany said...

mmkay, your welcome