Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I never really like April. Actually, fuck April. It's a month before my bday so I'm just impatient as fuck, I am @ my peak ugly because my allergies fuck with my eyes and make me look like a murderer, and its a month before summer break and I don't really give a fuck about 10 page papers and shit and the weather is so fucking phoney. The only highlight of this month is 420 and I mean, nigs kinda stop hyping this day up after they leave high school.

Since I last posted my boo's bday came and went. He's 23 now. I was happy to spend it with him. I got arrested on some bullshit. =X I got wasted one night and woke up with the worst hangover and had to work 8 hrs the next day. I almost fought another one of my roommates because she also be on some other shit.

That's about it.

See how gay April is?



Eury said...

Sounds pretty gay... April is an unnecessary month lol

☆Reese said...

Shawty. You got arrested? The fuck?

RoByn LaTice said...

Exactly..Im with Reese..??