Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Breakfast @ 2am - Munchies. *trey songz* YUUPP!

It looks like after the little time I spent on superficial-ass tumblr, my ANTI-TWITTER movement, and facebook that aint been the same since '08, this blog here is what I am the most dedicated to giving a shit about anymore.

But basically I don't have the time or knowledge to mess with all this html or designy shit. So don't expect any major changes. Like every 4 months I think I wanna change my page up and get cute wit it but I never know where to start. And all I really know about html/graphics is how to make things bolditalicizedetc... and cartoonize my face. Sooo... this will be the most intricate this page gets. TAA DAA!

I got spazzed on by my coworker yesterday because I opened the store almost a half hour late. Even though it wasn't really my fault. (Yes, it was.) Whatever though, I'm looking for some new shit anyways. *I've never said this before--> "On to the next one."

Boocakes came to visit me @ Ca-Laire's today! My last hour of work was peachy after that. :):))) Gay smiles. Then babysitting my little niglets BJ + Coopie after. My Mondays are nuts.

This nigga got me listening to the classical music station to sleep. Country mutherfucker.



A.R. said...

aw, i hope everything is going well with your boo.

Anonymous said...

nice blog sweety!!!! I LIKE it!!! i folloW you I hOpe You Fooolllooww me TOooo???
kissssss from germany ;*)

Ronald Garner said...

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