Thursday, February 4, 2010


So about 24 hours ago I hopped in the shower and decided I wanted to get another tatt. Since then, I have not only gotten another tattoo but I also got my old one redone and revamped a little bit.

It was quite an impulsive decision but tattoos are very cheap down here. Also, the tattoo guy was kinda cool so I think I met me a new friend.

Right now I'm drugged up on 3 Pamprin, a 600mg Ibuprofen, weed and, Xenadrine. (No, I'm not trying to kill myself I just forgot about taking the Ibuprophen because I had killa cramps, and I took one of my roommates Xenadrine because I knew I was bouta get silly with the leftover spaghetti and meatballs I made the other day. *shrug*)

The one on my back didn't hurt that bad, it was kinda that whole pleasure pain thing where it hurts but it kinda tickles...y'know. But in the center it hurt ALOT. Getting my original wrist tattoo refilled hurt like fucking hell. I don't remember it hurting so bad the first time but it might be because he had to go over the first one and he was trying to make it really dark so I don't need to get it redone again.

Me and my mom are going for Vietnamese tmrw and I'll tell her then. I would post pics but it's still really fresh and because it's kinda hard to take a picture of my tramp stamp without falling or accidentally touching it, I'm just gonna wait a couple days before I try to take pics and even then I'll decide if I wanna post because you'd be getting alot of crack on your screen in order to get the full effect, nahmean?

Yes, you heard correct, I got a tramp stamp and if you don't like it you can eat my twat.

That will be all.


[Alex]. said...

i say post 'em up...y'know, when taking them won't run the risk of inflicting pain. and where are tattoos cheap, exactly? cuz i need to go there. even the neighborhood niggas are running recession prices.

Pervy Sage said...

I don't care for your tats, can I still eat ya twat tho? lmaoo ..

Dub said...

WHO IS THAT SINGING, "WHATEVER YOU LIKE"??????!!! Your music player is cut off slightly so i can't see it. BTW, you want me to hook up your page widths and stuff so it'll be centered? Hit me up on my email and i gotcha!

Eury said...

*dead* @ that song...

I wanna see the tats (kinda wanna get one now lol)