Thursday, February 11, 2010

rude boy.

I sware I don't fucks with Rihanna like that and I know yall bouta see this video everywhere and a half. But tell me she is not giving us the business.

I'm wit' it. 100%. She selling that sex aint she though? Finally she's expressing more of her West Indian culture in this video which I like. I die for cultural things because I despise being 'just American'. I mean I know way back it goes deeper than that but the most I know is that my great great grandparents on both sides were born in America which bores me to pieces. So when people don't get braggy about their background aliyah gets angry!

But uhh.. I'm rambling. Lemme get off this.


Hildi**** said...

i agree wirh u...
love the video..

Marie said...

vids sick. & at least you know that much. my parents cant seem to tell me anything about my great grandparents & since all my grandparents have passed away, im type screwed. =(