Thursday, January 28, 2010

bad habits.

For some reason after you get off that long ass dry spell you want it day in and day out. That is not the business because I'm not trying to get all in with this nigga. He hits me up on the daily and although I'm trying to be cordial and all that, this is strictly business and I'm not looking for lve. Especially a couple wks before vday. Yeah, vday presents are cool and all but I feel like all that lovey-dovey vday shit is mad fake if you haven't been seeing the same person for a long time prior to the holiday. We're gonna see how everything plays out.

I need to stop shopping. I got some change saved up to kick off my car savings but I've still been shopping on the reg like I got it like that. I'm in a very comfortable financial position right now but I still need to be smart about what I buy and stop being so fucking impulsive. I have 4 bags worth of stuff sitting at my feet right now that I have yet to wear let alone I have yet to wear my sneakers (I don't really wear sneakers that much now). All from this past month's shopping excursions. -I'm the type of person who doesn't take shit out of the bag until I'm ready to wear it.

With that being said, I want these more than I want dinner for the next 3 wks:

Patent Leather Brogues - Marc by Marc Jacobs, $350

One thing I must say though, is that God has me right where I wanna be right now and I'm extremely thankful. Because of that, I feel like it's only right to give back in any way I can so in the next week I'll not only be donating clothes to Goodwill but I'll also be shipping out clothes and baby formula to Haiti soon as I get some boxes from mommy this wknd. Karma works both negatively and positively and I feel like putting that good karma into the world makes me better appreciate what I have and feel less guilty about my incessant spending.

I smoke every now and then now when ..... brings it. But I'm not going nuts anymore.

After the other argument I had with my roommate the other day. Me and my other two roommates filed a complaint on that ass and got her kicked out. She should be done moving by tmrw. I like when things go my way. Bitch had the nerve to say if there's liquor in the house or if people are smoking on the porch she's gonna call the cops on us. She also said "If you want a bitch, I'll be a bitch... I can be your worst nightmare." I'm like HOLD THE FUCK UP! Not after her drunk ass broke our living room table, or all the times she invited random strangers from outside into our apt. That's a no-go. So I gave her one of these -__- and now her ass is packing.

I'm trying to get my ace, Vanessa, to come down here during spring break so she can witness what I go through on a daily living in NC.

Besides all that, everything is all gravy. I'll prob be on here later to open my big, fat mouth some more but right now I gotta get ready ;].

Oh, let me not forget. HAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY new followers! And to my old followers, yall stay down so you know it's ALL LOVE, ALL THE TIME.


A.R. said...

good karma. <3

Darling Nikky said...

lmao! I hear u on all the mushy vday stuff!
Dude i posted on my page was not supposed be nothing more than a "good time" but things here i am in the cupcake postion. The same cupcake position i was in at the beginning of Dec...he was only supposed to "one to the next one" type dude...BUT me being me, Im always boo'd up...good thing for me he plays arena football, so he'll be leavin me on the 1st. I guess that a good thing & a bad thing..I JUST WANT THE CAKE NO FILLING!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

the "wanting it day in & day out" the damn truth. i'm like hunting my chick like wherever you are..i'll come get it lol

Tammy said...

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