Saturday, January 2, 2010

ahh.. a new year!

Here we go! It is 2010 and I am ready for this year to be FTW.

I don't like to make resolutions so I don't have anything that I plan on doing this year that I didn't do last. As things progress I'll make the changes that I see fit but I'm not gonna make overall goals for a whole year. That's a pre-failed promise in my opinion.

I went on this party bus event to NY to bring in the new year with a few of my highschool friends & their friends from their schools. It was decent. It was just really crazy. Mad sleezy heffers, and arguments and fuckery was in place. It was just ridiculous. And I am not a friendly drunk. I'm belligerent and grumpy like hell. Waiting for an opportinity to cuss a nigga out. So I had to do that twice in order to put people back in their place. People were getting kicked off the bus and shit. But aside from all that extra the unltd. free liquor at my disposal, champagne toasts, and ripping bitches shit was well worth the $60 admission fee.

I'm at Grandmas. So far I've hit all of the points of people that I NEEDED to see except for my father's side of family, which I believe I'll be catching up with this wknd. Hopefully everything goes well. Even though I hate the ridiculous drive it is to get here, I don't think I'll be able to fly again without having a car. It's really annoying having to rely on others and it makes me feel like I'm not grown enough to do things whenever the fuck I want, which I clearly am.

I heard one of my roommates smoked weed while I was gone. Yes, the churchy one. That makes me laugh. And I'm mad I missed it. I heard she hated it though so... I bet she wasn't hitting that good-good. *kanye shrug*

I'm watching some shit called American Gangster and it's cool.

I don't think I'll be as up on my blogging and net surfing in a minute because I'm trying to rid some of my small distractions. So my posts will probably be more few and far between.

I'm trying to concentrate on making big moves this year so I gotta be as focused as possible. That means less free time.

But I do wanna make some changes for my blog in this year too so I'll try to make sure I make time for that.

Now let me get back to watching American Gangster.