Sunday, December 20, 2009

wait, wait, wait!

Before I take my black ass to sleep...(I got work at 6(WTF?):30am.) I just wanna mention that my mother, Robin McDaniel, is the best mother ever! She knows that Bank of America raped me for overdraft fees and took half my check *raises fist*, she knows that I never have food in my fridge, and she knows that I spend so much money in gas getting to and from work. So she...
*I'm starting to get teary eyed*

Brings me food to work! Yeah! She did that! A half hour before my 7 slave hours, shift ended she shows up and waits for a half hour in Macy's while I pick cotton, I mean, put out jewelry at Claire's and she had food for me! That's the nicest thing she's ever done. I mean, not literally but, this is one of the frequent moments in my life that I get subconsciously reminded how much my mom loves me.

Yeah that made my whole day.

Then we shopped together and got some shit for my cousins for xmas, we tried all this different hot tea in this store in the mall and we talked about family gossip and what not. She dropped me off at my car that was parked all the way on the other side. Then we went our separate ways (she lives in south Charlotte, I live in north.)

Today was pretty ace, thanks to mommy.


A.R. said...

that's so adorable.

Anonymous said...

That's real! The best gestures are always caught off guard and unexpected! :D


T-Charry said...

awwww that is so sweet...mommy & daughter time!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

that's mom used to do stuff like that for me when i was in school. she'd just call me and be like.."what's the money looking like?"..and i'd be like.."what money?". and she'd laugh..then send me some.