Sunday, November 8, 2009

if you just wanna read some pointless, random shit....

I miss street vendors. That's one thing that the "city" of Charlotte is missing. No city is complete without old, foreigners selling $7 rings made of random stones and metals or cheaply made $5 glasses or $5 belts. :(

I got a job as keyholder at Claire's. I was gonna post this a long time ago, when I was really nervous about whether I'd get hired or not despite me meeting the DM, but I didn't because I feel like blogger is cursed. Everytime I post about something it goes to shit. (Oh well, I'm superstitious and it doesn't make sense but just rock with me.)

LALALA I want a fucking pound of weed. I have ridiculous cravings and it's just so fucking annoying now that I haven't smoked in over a month! I'm getting irritable. On the plus side, if I needed to take a drug test now would be the most opportune timing.

I'm really trying to figure out what I'm gonna do when my lease is up. I don't really like the apartments I live in because it's mostly college kids that live here and the owners know that, so they take advantage of it by slacking on maintenance and things of that nature. Also I don't think my living situation is the best. I have 3 female roommates. I already have an unforgiving and intolerant nature so throw 3 random females into the equation and, like Clark Kent I turn into *dun dun dun DUNNNN!* UBERBITCH! There is lots of shade, side eyes, and stank faces thrown their way when I see nasty crumbs on the counters or when an ignorant ass lets the fucking garbage bag fall into the bin and still putting shit inside it. I really need to minimize my stress by at least getting into a living situation where I will only have to deal with 1 other person's reckless bullshit.

I just heard a pop outside that sounded like a gun shot and I didn't even flinch. But let a group of niggas walk by, my ass will jet towards the window and peep through the blinds. NOSEY OLD LADY GAME PROPER!

I miss a time when life was simpler and my only care in the world was what class I was gonna cut, what I was gonna wear tomorrow, how I was gonna get liquor and sneak out for the house party on the weekend and whose parents were gonna let them borrow the car. (aka highschool) When you're a youngin you think you can handle, and actually sort of embrace, the responsibility of being "grown" but now I wish I could turn back the hands of time. Shit like paying for gas and even buying groceries and shit for the house is just TOO FUCKING MUCH! I really used to underestimate my mother's responsibilities as a parent and now I realize I owe her the world! Life is fucking expensive. And why the fuck does aluminum foil cost a fucking arm and a leg?

A fight just happened outside my building. *shrugs*

School mannn... I might try to take a majority of online classes next semester cuz I just don't want to get out my fucking BED sometimes! And the crazy shit is, I try to say that I'm not lazy because I don't wanna get out of my bed to sit in a class but I'll hop the fuck up and throw on my shox to hit the gym in a heartbeat. My fucking priorities be all skewed and shit

You probably already know this but I loveeee green tea! :)

I hope weed gets fucking legalized soon. Let's ALL party!
Also, I don't understand how people will drink but when the topic of weed gets brought up it's "I DON'T FUCK WITH THAT SHIT?!" Like its blasphemous. Oh, so you'll put chemicals and toxins in your body, and ruin your liver, but won't smoke this natural herb? OH, OK! Makes perfect sense.

I need some fucking eccentricity in my life! The south is basic as hell.
SB: I'm really gonna try to stop bashing the south like I don't live here now. I don't want people to think that I think I'm better than them just cuz I'm from NJ. It's a compilation of reasons why I'm better so I'll try not to make that the most significant one. LMAO!

I think I'm gonna start using Flickr more. I don't use it because I'm lazy and I hate exploring new sites and getting all aquainted, I'm too preoccupied with shit that matters. But I take alot of pics on my bb so after I get that shit on and poppin I'll post a link somewhere I guess.

My nipples hurt and 739 pimples just appeared on my face. Guess my period will be making it's comeback for the month of November sometime soon. ([/enthusiasm] /sarcasm)

Blahzay blahh. Woo woo. Yee yee and all dat.


D.V. said...

Hell yeah you never understand how life is till u live it a lil that's why I loved living offcampus when I was in school. Best of both worlds lol not but it's a mini version of real life n isht.

RoByn LaTice said...

I definetly feel you on this. especially the online classes. Im lazy ass shit. i wont get out of bed for class but soon as I need to go to the gym or a program Im up dressed, full makeup and hair done. Crazy and I need to get my priorities together too...! Ugh!

A.R. said...

congrats on the job, bookie.

Eury said...

yea you just summed up my entire semester thus far.

Withdrawals, homebody-itis, etc.

Adulthood is not meant to be fun, but we all have to do it lol.

Anonymous said...

Nice Blog!


Frankie Nichelle said...

I miss food street vendors.

Congrats on your new position! now that you said blogger is cursed, I'm gonna be scared to post anything lol

I hate my apartment too, but I live alone. I can't imagine living with 3 other messy people...chicks at that!