Monday, November 23, 2009

dark-skinned white girl.

If you don't know about Murs lemme put you on. (Fans probably already know this.) Murs is an underground rapper from LA who is amazing in every sense of the word. If you like shit that resembles Immortal Technique but is a little less political you'll probably like him, so just listen:

If you can't tell what the song is about it's about being the "Wigger" or the "Oreo". I think it's crazy how, although he is a dude, Murs sees what it's like growing up to be a female outcast.

This song really hits home for me because I used to get called an Oreo when I was younger. Because I "talked white" (I could not will myself to say words like "like-did") and had white friends, I lived "across the tracks" on the better side of town, I didn't dick ride Lil Bow Wow when he came out and I didn't wear weave and flat twists.

Today I realize that that type of shit could've broken me, but it didn't. I fought bitches back in the day to teach them to stay in their place. And no, I didn't win every fight but I held my own even when I didn't win because fighting my boy cousins taught me how to rock. It's sad because I know alot of young girls go through an identity crisis and it's most prevalent during the middle school years. What's even worse is that the girls who do all of the running off at the mouth are just as insecure as the girl who gets made fun of; maybe even more.

The "weak" ones always prevail though. I saw one of the chicks who used to call me an oreo at a club last year with dingy braids, a sloppy ass shape, and her shoes had dust bunnies on them. Two other girls had kids. I just looked at them and had that secret moment of singing the "I'm Better Than You" song. And yeah, you can say every life who comes into this world is a beautiful soul and no one regrets having their kids because they can't see themselves without them blahh blahh blahhh but I am grateful to not have a little doodoo butt to clean up after, a "babbyzaddy" and another mouth to feed at 19 years old.

So to all you bussit-babies out there who felt like my vocabulary and enunciation made me too "white," eat my dick after I dip it into these Oreo cookie crumbles. :] (Yummy!)


RoByn LaTice said...

LMao. "After i dip it into these Oreo cookies." lol, I love it! But i get where you coming from....a guy once told me " I didnt like you at first, I always thought you were an Oreo..glad I was wrong." WTF?!Thanks for sharing the song.

A.R. said...

you're awesome. ;]

_badass said...

_i can totally relate people still make remarks about how i talk. but you do gotta let em kno ... don't mistake class for weakness :P

SNEAkUHbUTT. said...


People just tend to follow stereotypes and think others should be a member also. SMH.

Let people be.

Eury said...

I can totally relate... Imagine having relatives telling you how white you were very chance they got.... But its cool when I got tha corner office becuz this chick knows how to speak properly maybe they'll eat their words...

great post

s a s h a said...

yeah that used to be me, I didn't realize myself until highschool was over, like fully undestand myself I grew to accept me as me because we all here for a reason, :)