Wednesday, October 7, 2009

tips are for strippers.

One of my newer followers, Latrell, had a response to one of my recent posts about MEN (read below):

if u keep gettin badd apples that means you picking from the wrong tree...tip: try having an intelligent conversation with the guy..if he cant hang then u know whats up...there are ways to prevent gettin hurt

Well, well, well Latrell, I will take your constructive criticism into consideration. But have you ever seen a perfectly good looking apple -- shiny, smooth, no dents or bruised spots, and come to realize that on the inside it was ROTTED like hell? All things don't reveal themselves to be what they are right away. It's very seldom that I even go apple picking anyway!

Intelligence is subjective, also. What one may consider "intelligent" may be baby babble to the next. I just wanted to mention that.

Intelligent conversation is something that is constant to me. I like to see where the head is of the man that I am talking to initially, but also throughout the time I'm talking to them. I am very hung-up on mind stimulation so trust and believe that conversations of substance are had with my suitors.

I'm not saying that you're wrong in your statement but it's much less black-and-white -- especially with men between the ages of 18-27. There is a facade that many men initially try to create when they are trying to run game that includes the deep, intelligent conversations, the flirting, the talks of exclusivity etc. just to appear as if they are truly interested in pursuing the same type of relationship that females are. Yet, after they get what they want, (or in some cases, like mine, even before then) it's a whole different story. Men play on the general emotional "weakness," for lack of a better word, of women until they find that they aren't ready to play anymore then they put us down and move on to the next toy.

I'm not always the "victim" in the situation either. There's some guys who I've mentioned on here who I just gave up on because I simply lost interest.

Yet and still, this last guy that I was talking to is a jerk. Not all of them are! But he was.

The point I'm trying to make is, yeah, NF wasn't IT and I've wasted time with guys before. But truthfully this isn't the first time and I know it won't be the last. It's just the nature of the game. Everybody is out for their own pleasures and it's gonna take me some time to find the guy whose desires match mine and only then will I know that that's the guy for me. But don't, for once, think that I am a quick shooter and I don't go through the process of having intelligent conversations and such.

Last, but not least, I wanna thank you for your comment AND following me. Way to make an entrance! Lol.


Marie said...

im in somewhat of a similar situation so im probably not the best person to be giving advice on this matter but of course, i have to put my two cents in. so here goes: i feel like all you can really do is go into a relationship with an open mind & no expectations...i'll admit its easier said than done (there are times when i do the complete opposite)..but when its all over with, theres only so much that can be done. i try to remind myself that as long as i havent invested major time, effort, & emotion, its not that serious......then i come back down to reality. lol. i guess just go with the flow mama. if a niggas acting up, replace him. you're bound to find one who's on the same page as you are soon enough

khaki said...

0_o... well said