Monday, October 5, 2009

wasting time with the male species.

I'm done with NF; as I am also done with anything that has a dick attached to it for the time being. (Don't get it twisted, I would never consider women.)

I really am just not trying to deal with dudes because they are all looking for dizzy bitches to run games on and I can't get all emotionally involved in all that bullshit.

I typically keep my feelings guarded but I thought progress was being made so I slipped up. Well, someone spank my hand because look where I am... back at Square 1.

Square 1 isn't that bad though, because when I'm here I'm heartless, unaccommodating, ruthless, foul, and inconsiderate... but my feelings don't get hurt.

It's that 3rd square that always gets me fucked up in the game. When I get a little comfortable with a nigga. (Square 2 is where I feel a dude out and seeing if he can pass the preliminary tests, Square 4 is 'ALL IN')

So, I'm officially on a dating/talking/relationship hiatus right now. Meaning it's time to get the popcorn ready and fluff the pillows as I sit back in the reclining leather chair in Square 1.

Not to mention, I'm sexually frustrated as a MUH. >x[ -- that's the sexual frustration face LOL


A.R. said...

lol @ the squares but i know what you's like where are the niggas lookin' for what i'm looking for? smh.

Eurydice said...

guys want everything they DONT have, so you can never really ever please them.

Don't stay at square 1 for long. You'll get bored, lol or at least I would.

Find a nice in between, maybe square 1.5??

Mikki said...

I FEEL you on this oneeee. Oh man.

Latrell said...

if u keep gettin badd apples that means you picking from the wrong tree...tip: try having an intelligent conversation with the guy..if he cant hang then u know whats up...there are ways to prevent gettin hurt