Saturday, October 3, 2009

this bitch is EMPLOYED!

Ya girl got a J-O-B! Hawluh!

It's not really steady but to me it's better than re-hanging the clothes that ignorant customers knock off the racks. (I'm sorry guys, I'm not cut out for retail because I HATE people.)

But I'm a babysitter for these two boys! :] One is 3, and one is 11 and autistic. So, not only will I get some young mulah baby but I will also be getting resume experience because my major is now special education.


So uh, no more food stamps and welfare checks I am MOVIN' ON UP!

And who knows maybe I'll have some funny stories to tell.


Alex said...
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[Alex]. said...

congrats! good to hear somebody else is getting money. i'm about to start job hunting again, hopefully it won't be as supremely unsuccessful as this summer was.

khaki said...


*singing* money being made around here