Friday, October 2, 2009

insomnia: 02

I'm tired of people (specifically my roommates) saying that I _____ like a dude.

  • You work out like a guy.
  • You curse like a man.
  • You listen to boy music.
  • You drive like a nigga.


The fuck? I can't just not be lazy when I'm in the gym? Some people don't go to the gym just to be cute and scurry around in spandex. Fuck all dat! I'm going there to get results. I run for 30 minutes, I do ab bends with 30 lb. weights, I do knee bends with 15 pound weights, I get on like 4 machines and I'm out. I'm not trying to hang around and be cute, keep fixing my ponytail in the mirror and take a gazillion water breaks. I got the focused, "Don't talk to me" face on the whole time and I mean that shit.

No, I just have a foul-mouth when I get really into the conversation or I'm adamant about what I'm saying. And I'm grown so suck my meat!

I get told I listen to "boy music" often. I listen to ALOT of hip-hop; basically only hip hop. Every now and then, when my ipod is on shuffle, a random Mariah Carey or Lauryn Hill song will pop up. But I don't care for R&B too much. I don't care what people want to sing about love and I don't really fuck with any other genre... It is what it is. Truthfully, I deleted alot of music of other genres from my ipod because I can't listen to anything but rap when I'm high. But who the fuck proclaimed rap music as the music for dudes only? Like who wrote that rule? Fuck outta here! Ima still rock with my G shit and keep it moving.

I drive like I want to get to wherever the fuck I'm going and avoid all the bullshit. I don't have patience. I don't like to wait for the granny that wants to slowly coast to the intersection. I don't like to step on the brake all the time because that wastes gas, so I switch lanes when I pull up on a slow person. I drive like I want to move the fuck away from the person who CLEARLY doesn't know how to drive. I know I drive like a jerk -- so do many females. The ones who don't have time to spend lolly-gagging behind a fucking Volvo when they're trying to get to the mall before it closes.

Kill the fucking gender-stereotypes. That shit is not breezy.


A.R. said...

you're super awesome, and this made my day. what's the point paying for a membership at a gym if ya ass ain't going there to break a sweat? lol.

yours truly said...

who the fuck said rap music was guy music? in 2009? hell no.

fully agree with the gym part. posing in the gym is for dumb birds who can't find a man any other way. actually working out is called getting the most out of what YOU PAID FOR. i'd get mad at dumb statements like that too.