Wednesday, October 28, 2009

insomnia: 07 - snatched edition.

I snatched this little survey thingy from REESE. Enjoy!

:1: MY EX- stalks me via BBM.
:2: MAYBE I SHOULD- start going to sleep at a decent hour.
:3: I LOVE- $$$, kids, smizing LOL (i watch too much tyra), fat, fat L's, porn, hip-hop, sleeping forever, watching gossip girl on mondays touching my boobs and color-coordinating my closet.
:4: PEOPLE WOULD SAY THAT I'M- ruthless; they're right.
:5: I DON'T UNDERSTAND- a-whole-lot of shit.
:6: WHEN I WAKE UP IN THE MORNING- i roll right back over.
:7: I LOST- my life somewhere at the jersey state border.
:8: LIFE IS FULL OF- random, unexplainable shit.
:9: MY PAST IS- worth knowing.
:10: I GET ANNOYED WHEN- people drive slow in front of me and i can't get in front of them because someone else is driving the same pace in the other lane. stop doing me dirty, grandma drivers!
:11: PARTIES ARE- not the same after high school.
:12: I WISH- i had photographic memory so i wouldn't have to study.
:13: DOGS- bark.
:14: CATS- meow.
:15: TOMORROW- i get to sleep in. wednesdays are the shit!
:16: I HAVE LOW TOLERANCE- for making small talk. it's a waste of time. some people can't just be silent.
:17: IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS- i'd waste it on frivolous shit and give my mom a few stacks just for being my ride or die.
:18: I'M TOTALLY TERRIFIED: of birds. they move too sporadically and they look weird.

I think someone unfollowed me.

*moment of silence*


A.R. said...

lol @ the moment of silence though.

SNEAkUHbUTT. said...

Definitely stealing this one. Lol.

Mimilainna said...

*smizes you* i love it too haha

D.V. said...

?? smize?? lol women insider huh? lol i'm jacking this u kno that right lol.

ohh & don't worry bout that it def wasnt me... maybe they just left blogger

Sabrina said...

this blog is beautiful!good job!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

# 1-3, 10, & 16 is me all day.cept my exes as well as current stalks me on everything.probably stalking this comment right now. lol

Anonymous said...

lmao... i love ur blog... following u now!!

Marie said...

o em gee. i effing hate when im in a #10 situation. shit happens like on the daily. i stare the fool next to me down like "i know you see my blinker is on...speed up motherfucker" annoying. & boy would photographic memory come in handy on my psych tests.