Tuesday, October 20, 2009

and we about to let it blow.

.. I'm sorry I just really DON'T want a middle-aged white man rolling my JOINT (joints are last resort anyways, ez widers remind me of my mom)!

Yet another reason I smoke dolo and/or roll my own shit, I don't trust NOBODY'S saliva and nigs don't know how to burn after rolling.

Also, I can't stand chicks who think they too cute to roll. Move your bitch ass aside and gimme a fucking CD case.


Eury said...

OMG, your making me forget why I quit...

But yea after a bad experience I always break up &&roll myself. I wanna know whats going in my body.

And I dont get it either, just because your a weedhead you can't be a germaphobe?

I use to hate mooching ass niggas trying "match" me.
1. I don't know where your mouth has been...
2. Buying the dutch does not "match" me spending a dub on the weed...

Sorry for venting lol

NiC-KIA said...

u just a blunt betchh huh?!!
iLOVE it!!

-Darling Nikky of Tasteless Diamonds

lalaliybean said...

lol it's ok eury i COMPLETELY understamd.

@ nikky - yezzir! ;]

s a s h a said...

THANK YOU!!! ...Fuck I thought I was the only one... this nigga be rolling the wettest damn L's like he was giving it head... yuck..

the white dude look like he bout to go back to woodstock and play in dirt high LOL..nah lemme stop :p