Wednesday, October 21, 2009

insomnia: 06

Umm this whole post is going to be an update/random stream of thought so if you're not up for reading nonsensical information, move it right along, there's nothing to see here.

Let's proceed:

I'm supposed to be going to A&T for homecoming on Halloween but who knows. I hate dressing up, that shit is gay! I'm one of "those people" who say gay for things that I think are wack or corny sometimes. I shouldn't do that because it's politically incorrect (and I love gays). EVERYTHING IS FUCKING POLITICALLY INCORRECT NOW!

I went out with my mom today to see this 'Street Beat' thing. If anybody remembers Stomp when it was on Broadway it was kinda like that. I really am over my mom thinking aloud in my presence. She tells me damn near every fact that pops into her head and it's really annoying. She also sends me texts like this:
"Nt goin 2 ATL. Frnd DJing here, doin garage sale, gt paper du nx Tues."
Normally I shoot people who speak to me in this fashion. But I can't because she's like, my mom... yanno?

I need to get home STAT! I miss everything about it.

Some $ugar daddy material aged, white cheddar was being a little TOO nice to me at the restaurant today. Like, REALLLLLL nice. Like, "Would you like a drink?" nice. I should've exchanged pins with him (although I don't think old people BBM like that) but I was only @ the bar to meet up with my mom and that would've been awkward because he was probably older than her.

I walked into my apartment and the whole thing smelled like boiled ham! I cannot with these bitches. BUT I see Lauren finally decided to wash the 3 days worth of dishes she let pile up. (Ignant ass!) Normally I wash all of the dishes, since everybody else wants to wash dishes as they use them, but I'm not doing that shit anymore. I hardly eat at home anyways because I'm ALWAYS doing something.

I gotta wash my hair and take out my garbage.

The end.

p.s. All songs on the page from now on will now be accompanied with my fav. lyrics or bar OR personal meaning. I don't just pick these songs just because.


"Dub" said...

Yooo, if you've never been to A&T's homecoming before, goooo. It's never fell on Halloween since I've been going so it's bound to be different..

but find an event (step show, football game, club party) and go to it, otherwise you'll just be down there around a lot of black people and you can do that in durham on any day of the week.

Marie said...

im real curious as to why the apartment was reaking of ham. like, whaaaaaaat? lol. & shoot, i encourage you to go to the homecoming as well. i've never been & don't really know much about A&T but take it from someone who's school doesnt have a homecoming & GO. & it should be an experience just to see how they do things.

& its cute that you & your moms text. mine doesnt know how to so when i have something important she & i need to discuss real quick, & lets say im in the middle of class, i cant text her. i have to wait till im done doing whatever i was doing to get at her.