Thursday, September 24, 2009

a few late night confessions.

It's 3:32am... About that time for some late night chat.

So here's 33 confessions and my 2 cents on something random:

1. I'm not ready for winter yet because I didn't go winter coat shopping. Once I get at least 2 winter coats, I will be ready.

2. I hate small talk and I am very curt with those who insist on chatting with me.

3. I hope I have a daughter so I can buy her every little pink thing I see.

4. Since no one else will, I am going to add Melody Eshani dickriding to the list of trends/concepts that are played out and overrated. Also add to the list Hellz Bellz and most of the urban fashion that finds it's way to

5. I wish little evil things on people like hoping they fall down a small set of stairs or something. >;]

6. I could pick my pussy out of a line up of pussies. Can you?

7. I fucking hate everyone who works at Walmart. It's like someone had a mission to bug me so they hired a slew of hoodboogers. Except for that one time the cashier gave me $19 back instead of $9. That was a small blessing.

8. I get really antsy when I drink coffee.

9. I cannot feign enthusiasm for my life. If I'm not interested in something, my tone of voice will let you know it.

10. I don't think I can come up with 33 random things. That was very narcissistic of me.

11. I pulled out my 1st grade class picture and decided to friend request all the people that I could find on facebook a couple days ago.

12. I would serial kill for a new car right now. I want a '09 ANYTHING!

13. I will not eat/drink anything if it is even the day before the "Use By" date.

14. I know, like, only 1 person is going to read this... myself, 3 times so I can check for spelling and grammatical errors.

15. I can't drive anywhere without my ipod hooked up in my car. Not kidding.

16. I HATEEE when people fart in my presence! That is some rude behavior.

17. I used to be a little ass klepto when I was younger.

18. I pick out all of the soggy french fries. If they don't stand up straight they gettin' tossed.

19. I assume all overweight people are lazy.

20. I like cleaning the hairs out of my brush.

21. I don't like ketchup.

22. I need some sort of air recirculation where ever I am so my fan is almost always on.

23. I like being naked.

24. I will not leave my house with my scarf on.

25. I think elderly Asians are cute.

26. I cannot sleep with jeans on, at all.

27. I don't spend my money wisely.

28. I am scared of all night creatures (racoons, possums, bats etc.)

29. I am not scared of human beings at all. And I truly feel that I am strong enough to put in work on anybody if I have to. I don't care how buff you are, I'm not scared of you.

30. I played Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz the summer of 6th grade. That is one of my childhood highlights. LOL

31. I get bored with people really quickly.

32. I refuse to use toothpaste gel. It HAS to be in paste form or there will be problems. (The gel-paste combo is also acceptable.)

33. I think I have a sleeping disorder.

My 2 cents will be on Forever 21:

You have all seen or heard of this store. Everybody and their god-damn mommy shops there. I am tired of seeing their $38 black gladiator heels and $16 flower jewelry on every chick from here to St. Croix. There is nothing there that you won't see on one girl today and another tomorrow. I don't think that women over the age of 21 understand that it is named "FOREVER 21" for a reason (you can slide until you're 26). There should be no reason that I see 30-somethings scouring the racks and pushing 14 year olds aside. Take your ass to New York and Company or Express! Also, their garments are poorly made.

That will be all.


khaki said...

totally agree with you on the Forever 21 comment. LOL

Mikki said...

HA, I read the whole thing. =p


Mikki said...

Also, count me in as a fan. =]

lalaliybean said...

yayy! *harlem shakes*

Reggie said...

I like to think that I could pick my dick out of a lineup of dicks......yeah, I could do that.