Thursday, May 28, 2009

thoughts at 12:12am.

-- Lol, 12:12, that's funny.

-- I can't figure out if smoking makes me tired or gives me energy. I think overall it makes me tired but it gives me the motivation to do random things like do all my laundry @ 2am.

-- I think I'm smart enough to be on 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' because so far I've gotten all these answers correct. -- OMG! WTF?! This dude is just throwing away his lifelines. Smh.

-- I like pizza and I want it now but I started my "diet" already.

-- OOooohh! or chicken gyro's from Red Tower LMAOO!

-- I wish I had ESP, or telepathy or something weird like that.

-- I've never had a cavity but my tooth hurts so bad. Like bad enough that I don't want it to be in my mouth anymore. >=[ Is that what a cavity feels like?

-- LMFAO @ THIS COMMERCIALLLLLLL! Did this commercial HAVE to come on right now?

-- Porn.

-- Omg my tooth hurts so bad I can't even take it anymore.


1 comment:

supremeee. said...

lmfao @ you, and smoking makes me hella sleepy after my funnyness wears off.