Friday, May 29, 2009

killa season.

Summer's backkk....

So far my plans for the summer are:

- Chill with my father's side of the family more. Even though I hate his ass, the death of my uncle has definitely brought it to my attention that we all need to be more present in eachothers lives and how I need to appreciate my loved ones.

- Get a fake ID! Shit I'm tired of carrying a flask! ;]

- As usual: Read 2 books.

- Start saving money on a down payment because I want to get a BRAND NEW, OFF THE LOT car by the beginning of spring semester.

- Make copies of my all time fave CD's to put in my car so that when my ipod dies I don't have to listen to the radio. ( Kanye's 1st 3 albums, OB4CL, Back to Black, Donuts, Nastradamus, Stankonia + The Love Below, Money Power Respect, Fly or Die, Return of the Space Cowboy, Love vs. Money, Bob Marley's Greatest Hits, Midnight Marauders, The Documentary, The Blueprint + Reasonable Doubt, Don't Quit Your Day Job, Emancipation of MiMi)

- Spend a few hours feeding the homeless @ a shelter or something.

- Find a job for the fall.

- Spend a whole day (or a full tank of gas) worth of exploring North Carolina. Just me, my ipod, a cooler in the trunk and my GPS to get me back home.

- Use my gift card somewhere and take my mommy out to dinner.

- Roll like 6 L's and watch movies with my BESSSSSFRANND brielle.

- Buy something ridiculous and dumb.

- Explore religion.

- Go to the spa. (That's the closest thing I'm gonna get to a vacation this summer)

- Watch ALL of Rico Strong's videos. He's the black male god of porn. Google him ladies!

Hopefully I can fit all of this in before summer ends. I think it's possible because alot of them can be done in one day. I wanna know some of your summer plans too, everybody! Comment or post a list of your own, pleaseeeeee!

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