Wednesday, May 27, 2009

and my KICKS still pinker than the easter rabbit.

grainy webcam pics + puffy hair =

I used to love kicks in high school. I hardly wear them anymore because I kinda grew outta my sneaker phase so basically, I don't care about them as much. It's funny because niggas don't think I do the sneaker thing until they look in my closet and see how much I have or I'm having a 'sneaker day' and they're shocked like, "Lemme find out you fuck with kicks!" I've heard statements like this one too many times. I still check for releases though lol (espesh air maxs, I cream for hot 97's).

Despite my choice of footwear these days, I hadda cop these when I saw them.

^ All sexy and shit.

Speaking of sneakers, anybody checking for these? I know there was alot of hoopla about them a few months ago, but they drop real soon and although I'd love the blue ones, I think that these are gonna get real corny, real quick because they're being sold at (select) Urban Outfitters. Something tells me that every hipster man, woman, and child is gonna be rockin these. I mean, I shop @ UO too so I'm not tryna be a hypocrite but, you gotta admit, that's like the hipster superstore! (Wal-mart for hipsters)


supreme. said...

i wanted the yellow joints but idk if i'm gonna get them.

♥ Kristina ♥ said...

girl, you ain't never lied! everyone and they mama that's a hipster love them some UO!

SeanitO said...

i definitely have the nylon blue ones only because it matched with a spider man shirt i have.