Tuesday, May 26, 2009

thoughts @ 3:04am

I can't sleep and I have a take home final that's due Tues May 26 @ 11:30am that I've known about for 3 wks yet I'm just starting. ("No Mom, I'm not a procrastinator!")

So I took a few pulls of the smidgey ass roach me and my aunt have leftover and I just got MEGA energy so I'm about to do what I should've done at least a week ago-- start my paper. :)

Layout change!! Nothing serious... clearly! I was just getting tired of that banner because I took that picture in 12th grade and that "myspace pose" was causing erectile dysfunction. Now.. my page may seem a little more narcissistic now, I SWARE I didn't mean for it to come out that way. Lol dead ass.

Tmrw I'll be officially restarting my diet. *raises fist at the air* Why can't I just have the skinny gene? lol

I'll also post the pics that I was supposed to post wks ago of all my bday stuff I got. *Well... actually my clothes are still in the box at my aunts house so I'll just post the shoes until I can get my shiett.

My memorial day wknd was spent trying to "console" my aunt after her breakup with her dude. So we bought an oz.. I'm sure she'll get over that nigga veryyy quickly. ;]

I went with her last Friday to the school she teaches at. It's a special-ed school but it's more for kids who have behavioral issues. For instance, the 20 year old 12th grader who has her house arrest bracelet on.

That was quite an experience.

Saturday we did nothing but watch movies and spark up.
Sunday we ran some errands and went to a cook out with a bunch of 40 yr olds trying to hit on us. (I'm 19. That shit was mad uncomfortable) I actually got twisted Sunday too, between the rum+cokes & L's, so I don't remember much. I may have given one of them grandpas my number LOL.

My ex is back on his bullshit. About once a month this nigga does some little thing to irk my nerves.

OH yeah and I bought a new bathing suit todayyY! Y'know how hard it is to find a bathing suit that's not made for little titty girls? (no offense to the IBTC because I wish mine were smaller) But it's a bitch looking for a bathing suit that fits my titties but isn't huge on the rest of my body. I don't know how those reall small women who get big ass breast implants do it.

ok.. but I'm rambling and my paper's due in 8 hrs. Toodles, noodles.

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supreme. said...

lol @ this, you're hella funny.