Monday, May 25, 2009

errbody wanna spit.

*CAUTION* Dizzy broad below! May cause impeded speech.

-- Is she reading off a teleprompter that moves in one horizontal strip at an extremely slow speed? Imagine holding a conversation with this one.

-- She is making her speech so much more deep than it really is. Just say you used your cakes to extend your 15 minutes.

-- She's still a pretty ass female though.

-- She has alot of determination too (I admire that). She sounds adamant about putting out out shitty rap. Aiighht then, do what it do!

If you haven't seen her 1st music video yet it's below. You need to see it so you can also be confuzzled as to why she's trying to substantiate her rap career.


♥ Kristina ♥ said...

SMH! She needs to leave all that alone and do something more productive with her life.

100K said...

this chick is loathsome on the mic.

supreme. said...

i just like her ass, not her face/mouth.

Polly Pocket said...

Damn that was rough to watch! Never heard her speak before that!

[Alex]. said...

watching her rap made my dick shrink.

s a s h a said...


i am gonna disagree with all of yall.
i liked her.
deadass haha

like her flow and lyrics make sense.
better than teyana neway.

yall need to stop frontin'

s a s h a said...

oooo hold onnn!!

i just watched the other video too her rolling out tv interview.

OMG she is bad!!! strong headed and determined!
i know i sound like a beast but damn if i dont want tohave her determination for what i want now!