Saturday, May 2, 2009

20 million dollars later.. yup DREAM everywhere.

Hater (Lyric)-- The Dream.

Tell me this hater vid is not the hottest shit out right now?
*That nigga is not the least bit sexy but he seems like the type that could have you doing shit you said you weren't cuz he knows how to talk that shit. I'm just sayinn....

I'm THIRSTY AS HELL right now wtf? And I only have 1 bottle of water in my fridge and that walk to the vending machine seems like a fucking journey right about now. UGHHH!


supreme. said...

lmfao, nigga could talk a bitch's panties off.

[Alex]. said...

this song is dope as FUCK when you're geeked. that lil shakin "hater" under the mean smiley is dope as hell. damn tho