Saturday, May 2, 2009

new followers + update.

shoutouts to my new followers! thanks for taking the time out to follow my blog. I promise I won't disappoint =]

-Today I decided to stay in and do nothing but make-up school work that I owe. However I haven't even touched MS Word... smh. I'm a failure.

+ I did go out for a drive on this glorious day and have lunch by myself so I could just reflect and all that good 'ish. I had some yummmmyyy Pad Kee Mao and Thai iced tea. I haven't had any good thai food in a while and I had a craving for something that WASN'T fast food today (I hate college, I've never eaten so much fastfood in my fuckin life).

I guess I'll get started on my shit now, now that the day is basically over.
I think I'm just a nocturnal person because I feel like I have WAYYYY more energy @ night. *shrugs*

-X called today but I'm not off that nigga. He's def. doing the run around and that shit blows mines so I'm over him... just like I'm over every other dude I met/talked to in '09 so far.

+Mommy's coming to visit from NC next sat. I'm so excited to see her psycho ass! The last time I saw her was.....DAMN I really dk. I think sometime in early March. I really can't stand to be around her for more than 3 hours but moms are THE BEST!

I'll be 19-OLDASS-years-old in 14 days. UGH!! I miss being 17 and a senior in h.s.

Whatever, lemme go do this work.

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