Monday, April 20, 2009


I went from intending on spending my Sunday in my room, cleaning and finishing up my hw to deciding on a spontaneous whim to meet up with X who called and invited me out. He's a sweet guy and the fact that I've known him since I was 14 is a plus, PLUS. (So we can skip all that awkward 'oh do u like this?, have u lived in jersey all your life?' bullshit) And I know his mom & she loves me lol.

Well we put it in the air, then he took me to a hookah lounge and then we sparked up again and the FUCKING COPS show up! WTF?! That shit blew mine because we were sitting in the parking lot of his complex HOTBOXING and I know the cop smelled/saw all the smoke that came out when I rolled the window down & this nigga was like "PHEW! What are you doing smoking cigars in here?.. It reeks!"... That shit had me buggin.

But this was a beautiful way for me to bring in my 4/20.. I'll update on how I my day ends up! AOWW!

P.S. Asher Roth's mixtape drops today. I heard like 2 songs from it so far and despite the flop that is, I Love College, they're pretty hot.

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supreme. said...

i'm gonna be high as a kite tonight, lol.