Sunday, April 19, 2009

cali -JERKS- off.

I fell in love with these hi5ive guys as soon after I saw this video:
(Sidebar: There's hella GROWN ASS muthafucka$ on MTO going in about their jeans and hats and frivolous shit. Damn.. can a nigga live?)

Anyways... Here they're "jerkin" which I guess is some dance in cali that I've never heard or seen before but this shit is nastyy!

..And if you think this is even close to the stupidity of the stanky leg I'm smackin' the gums out cha mouth.


supreme. said...

lmfao @ can a nigga live?

s a s h a said...


if this shit dont remind me of the first time i saw a nigga do the chicken noodle lmao
this goin catch on

but damn if they dont have on the only nuthuggers :\